Community Partnerships
Commission on Aging

Special Care Services was awarded a grant from the Commission on Aging to assist with the cost of providing in-home care to seniors over the age of 60 in St. Clair County.

The in-home care includes:

  • Personal care (bathing, dressing)
  • Homemaker services (cleaning, shopping)
  • Respite care (available for caregivers and clients that may need assistance)

United Way of St. Clair County

Visiting Nurse Association Health Services was awarded funding from the United Way of St. Clair County to assist with providing care to the uninsured. The care provided includes skilled care from a Registered Nurse, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Language Pathologist and Social Worker. The focus of the care is to get the client back to a level of independence following a change in health status. A portion of the funding is used to provide personal care and homemaker services in the home for those individuals under the age of 60 requiring assistance .

St. Clair County Community Mental Health

We contract with St. Clair County Community Mental Health  to provide our community with a specialized Adult Day Care Program providing quality care and structured activities for adults with memory disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Area Agency on Aging 1-B

We partner with the Area Agency on Aging 1-B, whose mission is to ”enhance the lives of older adults and adults with disabilities in the communities we serve.”

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