Hospice Home Admissions Q & A
Q. Are patients with a limited life expectancy the only ones admitted to Blue Water Hospice Home?
A. No, we accept patients in all phases of their care. From those in a crisis such as pain control, respiratory distress, or acute change in status, to those who are approaching the end of life. Others are too ill to be cared for at home and may spend last days with us. Patients may also come to the facility with the full intent of returning to their previous place of residence continuing with hospice care.

Q. Can patient's condition improve while staying at the Blue Water Hospice Home?

A. Yes, some people actually improve when they are made comfortable and when symptoms caused by aggressive treatment no longer add to the burdens of chronic illness. In those cases, we are able to explore further placement options or help patients and families learn how to mange this new stage in their lives together.

Q. How do I pay for care at the Blue Water Hospice Home?
A. Blue Water Hospice Home cares for everyone
referred to us and medically eligible for hospice care, regardless of their ability to pay. If a person doesn't have Medicare or private insurance to cover inpatient hospice care, we use a sliding scale to determine how much the person and/or family can contribute to the cost of their care and /or room and board, based on income and assets.

Q. Once my loved on is admitted to Blue Water Hospice Home, will he or she still received treatment?
A. Yes
, our team works with you, your physician and your family to evaluate the proposed care. The special kind of caring we provide is focused on comfort.

Q. Will I be able to stay with my loved at the Blue Water Hospice Home?
A. Yes
, A family member or loved one is welcome to remain overnight with the patient. Anyone, including children, can visit at anytime.

Q. Does a person need a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order to receive care at the Blue Water Hospice Home?
A. No
, patients and families have the right to choose whether or not they would like to be resuscitated, they can change their mind at any time.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how you or your loved on can benefit from services provided at the Blue Water Hospice Home. The warm and caring staff at Blue Water Hospice Home would be happy to provide you with a personal tour,and answer any questions you have regarding our care. Please call 810-984-4131 anytime.

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