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Friendly Visitors

One of the most important options we can give our patients is the opportunity to receive a friendly visit from a volunteer. Patients sometimes request that service through the Blue Water Hospice Volunteer Office when they would like someone to stop in to talk with them, play card games, or discuss current events. At other times, families are in need of a break and a volunteer can go to the home to provide brief periods of respite for the caregivers.

Whether you prefer nursing facility or in-home assignments, our agency has a patient awaiting your visit right now! We have a caring and compassionate team in all corners of our service area but we are in need of more individuals willing to fulfill the needs of patients so that we can quickly and efficiently meet those needs. Please consider providing that extra special component of hospice care by joining our team as part of the Volunteer + category.

Facility Support

Visiting Nurse Association and Blue Water Hospice opened an in-patient facility that can house up to twelve residents at once. While staying in our beautiful hospice home, patients are welcome to invite friends and family in to visit. We need volunteers to work the front desk to serve as greeters. In addition, we are looking for volunteers willing to perform light housekeeping and kitchen help at our facility. If you are flexible and outgoing, this is the job for you! Our hospice home is located in Marysville.

Administrative Assistance

Our agency is growing daily and experiencing changes in the health care system which requires constant revision and audits. Volunteers play a key role in making certain we are delivering the best care in the field by reviewing the work to ensure needs are being met. We do this by placing phone calls to families and patients, both during care and after the loss. In addition, our team conducts ongoing grief support and community events for the public. Volunteers are needed to help the agency function at peak efficiency.

Community Outreach

We have many service lines and conduct a wide variety of services throughout the community. Other volunteer roles include: students, interns, episodic, and annual event support.

Please contact the Volunteer Office to find out how you can take the next step to becoming a Volunteer!


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